Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas has come.

Yesterday afternoon we all received this message from Marybeth. “Well, Katie & I have accomplished one thing for Christmas!” Attached was this photo of their Nativity scene. It was, as if, regardless of whether anything else was accomplished, the most important thing about Christmas in their family had been done. The manger scene that tells the story of Christmas was up. Christmas had arrived in their home. And in the hearts of us who received her message.

Earlier in the day, as we had all worked in the studio on our new collection for 2012 we had laughed at how none of us had really prepared our homes for Christmas yet. Well, Rebecca, had decorated a bit, but Christmas cards were not done. Marybeth & I (Laura) had mailed Christmas cards, but there wasn’t even a speck of tinsel or sprig of greenery in either of our homes yet. These comments came from girls who normally have everything up the day after Thanksgiving J.

In the absolute joy of creating a new collection of artwork for Velvet Lime Girls ((it debuts in January at the Atlanta Mart) and working at our regular jobs, we’ve all looked up in pleasant surprise and realized… it’s almost Christmas.

And yet, when we all received this text and photo from Marybeth, we realized how simple it is to allow Christmas to arrive in our homes. A single nativity set, placed on a mantle, brought a pause and stillness to our hearts. Each piece gently placed on the ledge now retold the story of Christmas and calmed our hearts.

The Christmas trees will be put up, the lights hung, the presents wrapped … eventually. But, after the nativity photo came, a new sense of calm came. It caused us to reflect and remember the real story of Christmas … to remind ourselves what this wonderful celebration is really all about. The birth of Jesus Christ.

So, for all of you, like us, who have yet to complete your lists for Christmas, we hope you will pause and enjoy the simple scene in the photo above that tells the real story of Christmas. And let Christmas arrive in your heart.

The Velvet Lime Girls

P.S. The stocking in the photo with the “B” is for Biscuit, the guinea pig. Marybeth's daughter, Katie, was afraid no one would get him anything for Christmas and she asked for a stocking. Slightly lower, but not pictured, is Maggie Waggie Wydock's stocking, which belongs to their dog. And there may be more! A stocking request from Madison, her other daughter, has recently been presented ... for her fish "Spa".