Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Get-Away

Have you ever anticipated a gift before it arrived? Counted the days until you could open and enjoy it? That’s how we feel every three months as we wait for our subscription to life:beautiful magazine.

It’s more than a magazine… it’s a little vacation packaged in print.

Gorgeous photography, uplifting articles, yummy recipes, fresh ideas for the home and float-away moments of connecting with God, in the most elegant environment, lie within each issue. We absolutely lose ourselves for long periods of time wrapped within its pages. Relaxing, refreshing and restoring ourselves with the messages on each page that come straight from the heart of God. It’s a little bit of heaven on earth for over an hour.

How can a publication make you feel like you’ve spent the day at a luxurious spa or refreshing retreat? We think it’s because it feeds your spirit and celebrates the abundant life that God desires for each of us.

The current holiday issue is so full of treasures that you’ll keep it filed away like a precious resource guide … referring back to it for lovely ways to nurture your home, your family and yourself. And you just can’t imagine what a wonderful gift it is to receive … inspiration all year long!

So find yourself a copy and slowly fix a cup of tea. Believe us, you will just want to do this once you open the first page. Then, take a little vacation during this Christmas season to refresh, restore and revive yourself in spirit, mind and body.

Sipping cups of tea with life:beautiful, The Velvet Lime Girls

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