Sunday, October 22, 2017


JOY is the third buoy to safe harbor that we'll talk about during this breast cancer awareness month.  Joy will buoy your spirit and life to a healthy, happy and whole place. For those overcoming breast cancer, finding a little joy each day is an essential daily requirement.
We've found a few simple sources of random joy that can brighten even the weariest of days and we'd like to pass a few on to you right here.

Get out in the sun!
Yes, just stepping out into the sunshine will do wonders for your countenance and, as it turns out, for your health as well. According to Dr. Mercola, the vitamin D that you'll soak up in just a 10-15 minute period can be extremely healing to your whole body, lower your blood pressure and interfere with breast cancer's ability to spread.  Just take a quick look at some of the other benefits of sunshine in this article by Dr. Mercola:  Dr. Mercola on Vitamin D
Another article by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers points out that an 83% reduction in breast cancer occurred when the vitamin D level in the blood was doubled to 50ngml: Dr. V on Vitamin D

So, just stepping out into the sunshine can increase your vitamin D level and start you down a healthier path!  Obviously, a little vitamin D supplementation will need to go along with that sunshine exposure and both Dr. V and Dr. Mercola offer vitamin D suggestions on their sites.  We hope you check these info links out and treat yourself to a little time in the sunshine today.

Yep, just a simple laugh!  It's more powerful that you can imagine. 
According to WedMD. a good laugh can boost your immune system, positively affect blood sugar levels and improve your sleep at night.  So, pull out those old funny movies, joke books and stories that make you belly laugh.  Or just share some light-hearted moments with cute, little ones or people who make you smile.  You'll find some other great health benefits of laughing right here: WebMD on Laughing Benefits

Mmm... did someone say chocolate?  Yes, you read that right!  In moderation, a little bit of quality chocolate is quite beneficial and will certainly bring a little joy into your day.  Yum! 
Aim for dark chocolate that has a high cacao content for the greatest benefits.  One of our favorite chocolate companies is the Lily brand found at Whole Foods.  Since it's made with stevia, there are no sugar concerns here, just-sheer-chocolate-joy! We bet your antioxidant levels are going up just thinking about this little bar!  For an additional boost, read about some of the amazing health benefits of chocolate right here:  Dr. Axe on Chocolate

Since we're tossing out random ideas on sources of joy, we'll wrap up with one last idea today.  

Try something new!
When you are on a healing journey for your health, it's amazing how trying something new will expand your horizons and bring in unexpected joy. We recently tried something quite new and the health benefits have been amazing, so we'll chat about it here for a moment.  After reading about the remarkable health benefits of a hyperbaric-oxygen chamber, we stepped into one for the first time at Lyfewell, right here in Johns Creek, Georgia!  Oh, if you are on a healing journey, you need to stop by this place!  The hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and the pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) increase oxygen levels, enhance blood flows and bring scientifically-proven restorative health benefits to the body.  Yes, you'll begin to notice a nice positive change after a few sessions and you'll be glad you tried something new and so beneficial.  Take a few moments to learn more about this interesting treatment at their site: Lyfewell  

These are just a few of the random sources of joy we've experienced lately.  We hope you'll share some of your little joys, (your "buoys of joy"), that have perhaps brought you into a safer harbor on your healing journey.  We'd love to hear from you and be inspired! 

We've got the joy, joy, joy, joy...down in our hearts,
The Velvet Lime Girls

Sunday, October 8, 2017


Today we're continuing our focus on Breast Cancer Awareness month with another buoy of hope.

Wouldn't it be great if you could find a way to REALLY detect the earliest stages of breast cancer?  You know, long before a mammogram catches it? A mammogram can certainly detect a suspicious area, but how great would it be to know much earlier and begin an effective healing protocol?  Well, there IS such a test and it is called a thermogram.  The chart below sums up the differences between these two types of tests:


This short video clip of Dr. Veronique Desaulniers discussing thermography sheds a little more light on the benefits of thermography versus mammography: 
Dr. V on Thermography

And this article by Dr. Jockers sums up other benefits of thermograms:
Dr. Jockers on Thermograms

One of the places we've found to have a thermogram done in the Atlanta area is through Atlanta Mobile Thermography.  The technicians are great, and your report will be reviewed by a panel of doctors and then discussed with you.  Each week the thermograms are available in several locations around Atlanta.  Check out their Facebook page to see if a location is near you this week: 
Atlanta Mobile Thermography Facebook

For those of you outside the Atlanta area, this site can direct you to an accredited thermography center near you: Thermography Centers

If you're wondering about the validity of thermograms, take a quick look at this link from Atlanta Mobile Thermography. (The first segment is much of the same info presented above, but scroll down for additional info.)  Thermography Info

We hope you'll take the time to educate yourself on the benefits of thermography and set up an appointment for your first thermogram! You'll be glad you did!

Sending you hope,
The Velvet Lime Girls
"Getting wisdom is the most important thing you can do!" Proverbs 4:7 TLB

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Safe Harbor

A safe harbor.  Sometimes that's all you need.  A place to restore, revive and renew yourself.  As we launch into Breast Cancer Awareness Month this month, we'll be identifying some life-lines, buoys and safe harbor suggestions for those  who are navigating the rough waters of a breast cancer diagnosis.  Pass this on to anyone you know facing breast cancer.  It's rough seas out there for many of them, but they can ease into calmer waters with the right compass and buoys. We'll be talking about some of these buoys this month and we look forward to you coming aboard with us.

We know what it's like to be tossed into the overwhelming, tumultuous, open seas of a breast cancer diagnosis.  One of the Velvet Lime Girls, Laura, faced this diagnosis in June of 2015 and everything changed here in our little studio.  The seas were just-pretty-darn-rough for awhile, with our anchor in God holding us down and averting a major shipwreck.  There's just SO much to process with a diagnosis of breast cancer.  Do you go the conventional route? Alternative route? A combination route? What DO you do???  One thing is for sure ... you can't ignore it.  You're in a storm and you need some direction.  You need buoys that will guide you into a safe harbor.  We found some! And when you find buoys that help, you just want to yell out at the top of your lungs, over the crashing waves, to everyone out there adrift in the sea, "We found help!  Here are some buoys to safe harbor!"
So, that's what we're going to do.  We're going to yell out and point you in the direction of a few buoys we've found helpful along the way.  

Our first beautiful buoy is a site called Breast Cancer Conqueror.  
Whether you choose a conventional, alternative or a combination route to overcome breast cancer,  you'll find a treasure of resources, support and compassion here.  It's a great place to start if you just don't even know where to begin.  As their site says,  you'll learn to "Never Fear Breast Cancer Again."  The founder, Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, healed her own breast cancer naturally and documented the journey in her book, Heal Breast Cancer Naturally.  Along the way she left a trail of research-backed medical studies and resources that make this book a big, bright buoy, helping women on their healing journeys and guiding women who want to prevent getting breast cancer.  Go get the book today for yourself and then get one for your daughters, your mothers, and the friends you love.  It's been the biggest buoy out there for Laura and we know it will help guide you into safe waters.  Check out the heart of the healing program right here in this video: 7 Essentials Program

We'll be sharing several other buoys during this Breast Cancer Awareness month and we would like to hear your stories of the lifelines and guiding systems you have used to navigate your course through the rough seas of a breast cancer diagnosis.  Remember, you have a voice and you can use your story to help someone else who may be in distress.  So use your voice and help us tell others about the
buoys that can lead to safe harbor.

"My help and glory are in God - granite-strength and safe-harbor God." Psalms 62:7 

Smooth sailing ahead,
The Velvet Lime Girls