Friday, September 27, 2013


Need a little restoration today? A little renewing, recharging, recreating, refreshing, repairing, or reviving? We have something to give you then... it's kind of like a soothing balm for your soul. It's a collection of healing words straight from the promises of God in scripture, the whispered prayers in our hearts and random thoughts on restoration.  This is for you today, just soft, encouraging words spoken straight to your heart:

We'd like to give this to you. Please click here for your free printable:

We hope this brings a little comfort to you today... a little refreshing, renewing and restoring.

There is something so transforming in seeing and saying these healing words and letting them soothe away the cares, challenges and weights we've picked up along the way. We hope it becomes part of your restoration today.

Refreshed and Renewed,
The Velvet Lime Girls

Monday, September 23, 2013

Summer's Goodbye

Summer officially said goodbye a couple of days ago, but like the birds trailing behind this shrimp boat in a never-ending party, we're still living like its summer here in Georgia. 

We haven't even put away our white pants.

We're still slipping around in flip flops and shorts, swimming laps in the sun, snapping photos in the garden and creating artwork in our sun drenched studio. 

Summer girls at heart, we're relishing every bright morsel nature tosses our way... sunny days, blue skies and those porcelain, white puffy clouds. But, we know a change is coming. Fall is here. A new season is being ushered in.
Instead of holding on to this summer season we love with a salty-old-knotted-rope-grip, we're embracing change and setting our eyes on the horizon ...on the good things to come. 
The gentle rippling in of autumn always refreshes us with a new expectation and a promise from Proverbs.

The path ahead can be "brighter and brighter".

"The path of the just is like the morning sun, shining brighter and brighter until the full light of day."  Proverbs 4:18

Hearts swaying with anticipation in the breeze of change, 
The Velvet Lime Girls

Photos captured on the banks of Shallowbag Bay in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.