Thursday, February 24, 2011

What do graded dinners have to do with humming?

We have a funny tradition at the dinner table around our house. The meals I cook get graded. I wish I could remember how it started. I think it's our version of Top Chef. Anyway, the kids almost always give me a 100. The husband is a little harder nut to crack. He once gave me a 75 because I made sweet potato fries as a side and he doesn't like sweet potatoes. This does not hurt my fact, we laugh about it and I tell him he's outnumbered so it doesn't matter. So the other night, I tried a new recipe... fettuccine with proscuitto and sage cream. The girls immediately gave me a 100. The husband takes his second bite and says, "Wow! This may be the best dinner you've ever made." So I said, "Well, what's my grade?" He replied, "Well, there's no bread item with it." Again, this is all in jest and we laughed about it. He FINALLY gave me a 100!

But the real reason I'm telling you this story is what one of my girls said and the inspiration that comes into our artwork everyday. My oldest daughter, Madison, has had this habit of humming since she was a baby. She used to hum in the car...then she hummed when she was coloring (concentrating). NOW, she's STILL humming but she only hums when she's eating something she thinks is REALLY good. So when I made the infamous 100 on my dinner the other night, I said, “Madison -- you weren't humming but you gave me a 100." So my 9-year-old speaks right up and says, "Mommy....she's humming in her heart." WOW! I about fell the old saying goes "out of the mouths of babes." That child has an old soul in a kid's body. I feel pretty certain you will be seeing that saying on some of our artwork.


P.S. We have some very big news we hope to be able to share with you soon!!!! Stay tuned...