Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Garden of Your Heart

Our studio garden is bursting with new life.  Frilled bonnets of ferns are peeking out, pointed party hats of hostas pierce the soil and peonies peel back the earth's canopy, unfurling themselves in a long leisurely stretch, presenting blooms of pink explosions that seem to say, "Ta-da! I'm here!  Oh, they're thrilled to stretch their leaves and live fully again!

Soon they'll be bearing "fruit".  
Glorious, vibrant flowers, filled with  aroma, fragrance and millions of seeds for future generations.  Their "fruit" always reflects the condition of the garden.  

Healthy garden = healthy flowers = healthy fruit.  

It's a simple formula and one that requires a bit of diligence on our part.   We have to keep the weeds out!

Weeds can be sneaky.  They look small and insignificant, but if left unattended they sap the very life of the garden. With weeds around, the fruit from the garden never matures fully, never develops into all that it can be and lives far below it's potential.

In the same manner, the gardens of our heart have to be clear of weeds. Those pesky, small and insignificant things that sap the life out of real living.  Things like anger, bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness.  They stunt our growth and they just have to go! Sure, they can stay, but that garden of your heart, the essence of the real you, will never develop fully and you'll find yourself living far below your potential.  So, pull those "weeds" up! Let them be replaced by grace, forgiveness and a heart filled with gratitude.  It takes a little diligence, faith and the hand of God, reaching down, grabbing those gnarly roots and uprooting them forever... divinely removing their very memory and changing the landscape of your life.

Oh, the growth that can occur in a garden without weeds and a heart garden that's been touched by the hand of the Master gardener...clearing the ground of the heart and saturating it with buckets of love.

It's a total terrain transformation.  One that's followed by fragrance, real fruit and good seeds for future generations.

Healthy Heart = Healthy Life = Healthy Living

Tending the gardens of our hearts,
The Velvet  Lime Girls