Monday, March 29, 2010

Inspirational décor for baby or child’s room

Have you seen our inspirational series created specifically with kids in mind? We believe the choices made for artwork in a child’s room are as important as anywhere else in your house...what your kids see every day guides their thoughts and actions. It brings inspiration to their OWN living space! We currently have these in a baby nursery and they look GREAT! We'll try to post some photos later this week of those.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Having hope gives your courage...

A new image we’re releasing today...and we LOVE it on the bamboo...It's not on the website yet, so if you are interested, e-mail us!

Velvet Lime Designs gets first press!

We’re really excited today! Just received the layouts for our first nationwide press in a magazine.... Materials Handling Illustrated picked up our press release. It's at the printer right now and will be mailed out to over 18,000 subscribers by April 1. They were intrigued by the fact that we are using a local manufacturer – thus the headline and subhead: “Oriental Rub: Georgia peaches opt for local manufacturing over fine China”...
In case you might be interested, here is the full text:

Velvet Lime Designs, based in Suwanee, Georgia, has taken 

the proverbial lemons of the Great Recession and made 

lemonade. A collaboration of three women, Laura Rhodes, 

Rebecca Rhodes Ladikos and Marybeth Wydock, who once 

kicked around the “idea” of creating artwork from photos 

they took as a hobby, Velvet Lime Designs introduced their 

line at the America’s Mart in Atlanta this past January and 

recently opened up their store online.

  • With all three working for Rhodes Design Group, a design/build firm specializing in entrance and amenities packages for new communities, the homebuilding industry they catered to was devastated by the recent economic downturn. Needing inspiration themselves, the trio decided to take a leap of faith and put more energy into creating uplifting artwork for others. “This company has been a dream in our hearts for many years. It took hard economic times for us to combine our talents and plant the seed for Velvet Lime Designs,” said Laura Rhodes, one of the partners.

  • The team spent a year making prototypes, researching products and seeking feedback from prospective buyers and gift shops before finally creating some finished products. One important goal (mostly because of the economic crisis) for Velvet Lime Designs was to keep the manufacturing process in the United States. They succeeded in this endeavor for the table art using a local cabinet maker for the wood pieces and then adding the finishing touches on their own in the office – literally turning their studio space into a production line.

  • The gallery prints proved a little more challenging. It was quite cost-prohibitive to use a local printer and print on canvas paper unless the company could print a quantity in the hundreds. With three weeks before the America’s Mart show and a small budget, the team decided to have prototypes made by a company in California who first had the canvases printed in China and then shipped back to California for stretching. Rebecca Rhodes, the partner who worked on product price commented, “After a lot of research, this particular company came within the range of what we knew our price point should be and we had a deadline to meet.”

  • With gallery prints in hand from California for display at America’s Mart, the company was introduced to Art Effects Framing, a local company in Norcross, Georgia, just a few days before the show. Dave Nanney, Vice President of Operations, was more than willing to meet the price constraints as well as offer a novel idea for stretching the gallery prints. After Art Effects provided some prototypes, the partners felt confident taking orders at the show. The product has since proven far superior in quality to what the company in California offered.

  • The inaugural showing at the Mart for Velvet Lime Designs was a success! The team received initial orders and great feedback from store owners, especially on the children’s line. They are currently shipping the orders, as well as taking orders online. And, most importantly, Velvet Lime Designs is supporting the local economy with that tiny seed of faith.

  • Velvet Lime Designs is a company dedicated to planting seeds of inspiration in others through images and words. For more information, visit

Friday, March 19, 2010

Velvet Lime Designs adds artwork to bamboo

Getting ready to roll out our images on FSC-certified – meaning eco-friendly – bamboo! The option will be added to our website next week. And we have more plans for bigger pieces on bamboo, too! Watch for more details on this coming soon. Using a “green” option for our artwork has always been a big goal for us. We LOVE the way it looks and hope you do, too!