Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Dog

This is Dakota. He’s a very secure and content dog. He knows his purpose in life.

The “son” of Laura’s brother, Bud, he lives a life of luxury. This photo was taken by Laura’s sister-in-law, Laura Belle Skinner, and we’re impressed that she also did the photo styling for this shoot, and even more impressed that Dakota cooperated.

One might think, looking at this photo that all Dakota does is calmly lie around on softly padded L. L. Bean dog beds, occasionally eating healthy dog treats, and enjoying a daily jaunt around the neighborhood. He does do this, (remember, he lives a life of luxury J), but the REAL Dakota is hidden inside and it’s a sight to behold when it emerges.

If you take Dakota out early in the morning, when the temperature has dipped overnight into the ‘30’s, with frost still on the ground and let him loose in a field, another power within him takes over. The laid back, calm dog you see in the picture becomes a tornado of amazing power and strength. The reason he was born becomes clearly evident. His purpose presents itself loud and clear. He was born to hunt. He was bred to hunt. He was trained to hunt. And that purpose, that passion, totally takes over and he slips out of his Clark Kent demeanor and becomes a Superman of sorts in the wide, open field.

Tilling the ground and frosty turf below him, he becomes a streak of fur, soaring at electric, breakneck speed, working the field and seeming to leave the world behind as he relishes living life doing what he was created to do… HUNT!

It’s great when you know your purpose in life, the reason you were born. An energy beyond you often grips you and carries you, especially if you stay connected to your source. We like the way the Message explains it, “ Those who wait for God, get fresh strength. They spread their wings and soar like eagles… they run and don’t get tired.” Isaiah 40:31

“That transforming power that overtakes Dakota is a slim streak compared to the swath of power just waiting to infuse each of us. You may have forgotten about it, living your everyday life, relying on your own strength. But the reality is, it’s available. You just have to make the connection to activate it. Your purpose, your passion and your reason for being born flow out of that connection too.

So if you’re feeling a little tired, worn-out or weary, there’s a source of strength just waiting to fill you with a fresh vigor that would make Dakota look like he’s just doing a warm-up.

Simply soaring,

The Velvet Lime Girls

P.S. We're pushing for a cover shot of Dakota on the cover of Garden & Gun magazine...don't you think he's ready? Here's a photo of his softer side: