Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A season of singing...

Winter is over ... Spring is here! The daffodils have bloomed and paved the way for lilies of the valley, lilacs and the first roses. Fragrance fills our garden right now and just wraps itself around everything in sight. The promise of brighter days is evidenced everywhere. I love spring and the refreshing covering it brings to all of the harsh winter. There are only more fragrant and beautiful blooms to come and a walk through our garden holds secret little whispers of great things about to come. This classic passage seems to echo the garden voices:

“The winter has past, the rains are gone. Flowers appear on the earth,
the season of singing has come-
Solomon’s Song 2:11

Be encouraged today! No matter how hard your winter has been, it is past. A season of singing has come.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

I wish....

So here I am sitting today and doing some thinking (oh yes, here comes the brain dump!). How often during your week do you say "I wish...", followed by whatever phrase it is you're wishing for at the time? These are small, inconsequential things, I know, compared to the plight of a lot of people in our country and the world right now...but they are my wishes and I'm writing them down to share with you. They are in no particular order -- well, except for maybe that first one. That one's pretty important in my life right now. These are just how they came out.

I wish

... people used kinder words towards each other...especially to the ones they love.

... things that are SUPPOSED to be easy WERE actually easy and that you didn't have to fight for what was right.

... that dogs aged at the same rate as humans.

... that I could eat anything I want and not gain weight.

... there was an endless amount of time in my day so I could CREATE the art that I want to create everyday.

... I could do more to lift the burden off the shoulders of the people that I love and care about.

... there were easier instructions to get from Point A to Point B.

... my internet connection was always 100% reliable.

... that summer never ended and I could wear shorts and flip flops year-round (without moving!)

... I could go to Italy (and Europe, in general) some day to study in person all the artwork I studied in books.

... I could step back in time about 5 years and change the course of just a FEW things to make it better now.

... that sometimes I could freeze my kids in time so they wouldn't have to grow up.

... that politicians and salepeople would stop calling my house.

... I had more time to sleep at night (maybe that should be GIVING myself enough time to sleep).

... I could close my eyes and be physically transported instantly to the beach whenever I wanted!

... I didn't wear my heart on my sleeve so much.

... I didn't trust people so much to take them at their word. Sometimes it comes back to bite me.

... that I had learned earlier in life to put even more trust in God for everything (I've had some pretty good teachers for that along the way).

... my husband would stop trying to talk me out of that new Camaro that I want (not that we're even getting a new car any time soon...but it's fun to WISH!).

So that's my list...for now. I think my next blog needs to be about what I am thankful for – and that's a pretty good list. I am leaving you with some quick artwork I did. Kind words to share with someone who needs it today. And kind words for the people I love and care about and need to hear it today...they know who they are (at least I hope they do!).