Saturday, August 6, 2011



It’s a word straight from the language of the heart.

When it’s expressed through the creativity of two young girls, it’s as refreshing as a bright open-faced sunflower. Marybeth’s daughters, Madison & Katie, gave me these hand-crafted cards yesterday and I was thrilled! (The girls have been a secret source of inspiration at Velvet Lime Designs on several occasions). As they handed me the cards with a giant bouquet of sunflowers, I was touched by the detail in the cards. The hand drawn letters became a canvas for their tiny drawings of grapes, tomatoes, flowers, and stars. And their color combinations were absolutely spontaneous and inspiring.

We love it when our inspiration comes from places like this … no need for a fancy inspiration conference, expensive get-away, or luxurious vacation (although we would graciously accept any of these) J … our inspiration was carried to us by two little sets of hands.

Inspiration really is everywhere. We hope you find yours in the small things today.