Monday, August 29, 2011


Seating affects everything. Have you ever sat in a large arena or stadium near the top? Although you can be very involved in the event, the activities played out below you are distant and removed. You are far above them. It’s as if you are seated in another realm… and yet you are there. Your perspective from that altitude changes and you become constantly aware that there is a bigger picture beyond what is being played out below. Your vision broadens when you’re seated higher.

Being seated in a higher place is the red carpet thought being rolled out in this artwork. We took that noble thought and draped it in royal colors. Anchored it with aristocratic seating. Sprinkled it with a phrase and stars from a divine scepter. A phrase that lifts us from living below our destiny. “ He seats us in heavenly places.” What a lofty thought for everyday life.

Reigning. Majestic. Elevated. That’s the kind of seating we’ve been given. It broadens your vision and makes you realize there is a bigger picture being played out beyond everyday life. You are seated in another realm… far above.

Take a seat in our chair today. Rest for a moment in the luxury of this divine sentiment. May you begin to reign in life today from the place that has been reserved for you… a heavenly place.

Take your seat please.

The Velvet Lime Girls