Sunday, October 16, 2016

Divine Conference

We're feeling quite unique and special today after attending a session in the recent DIVINE CONFERENCE held here in Georgia. Wow. It was a little bit of heaven on earth... inspiring speakers and fabulous music from BETHEL MUSIC

Marybeth kind of summed up one of our biggest take-aways from the conference on her Facebook page and we're going to share it right here.  

"So I had a chance to listen to a really great inspirational speaker this morning and it stuck with me so I'm throwing it out there because I know some people who need to hear it (and the verses/biblical analogy was running and I love running!). You are put on this earth to run YOUR race. STAY IN YOUR LANE! What happens in a race when you start looking around and see what everybody else is doing? You start comparing yourself to THEIR race and you get involved in THEIR race. Don't do it. Stick to YOUR race. Don't worry about where anyone else is. Stay in your lane and outta everyone else's lane! Less headache and heartache. Word."

The Velvet Lime Girls