Monday, February 1, 2016


Happy first day of February to you! This is the month filled with sentiments of love, chocolates, roses, and gifts-from-the-heart to those you love. Here's a little love-note from us to you! 
A heart-themed graphic to print out or share with others.  It's a light-hearted, whimsical expression inspired by our reading of the historical letter found in Galations 5:6.  We discovered a real connection between faith and love in this letter, and The Voice translation seems to sum it all up beautifully:  "What makes a difference is faith energized by love."

This is so true!  Faith works by love, expresses itself by love and is energized by love!

So, take a little of the energized love we're sending your way today and get ready for a few more love-notes from us before Valentine's Day!

You are so loved,
The Velvet Lime Girls