Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Love Lasts Forever

Love is in the air around here lately.  Each February we find ourselves fully embracing all the sweet sentiments and flowery phrases that float around just before Valentine's Day.  This time of year seems to bring a light-hearted joy to our souls and we think we might actually leave heart-shaped footprints behind as we go about our day. 

So, we'd like to leave a few imprints of love on your heart today with a favorite quote we read this morning:
It's true. 
It outlasts everything.
It's never ending.
It knows no limit to it's endurance.
It never becomes obsolete.
It is never lost.
It Lasts Forever.

We hope our graphic created for you today, with it's never-ending heart pattern in the background, is a love-note that you share with others.  And a beautiful reminder, that love really is never-ending.

Leaving heart-shaped footprints in the snow today,
The Velvet Lime Girls