Friday, December 18, 2015

King of Kings

Christmas is one week from today and we're re-posting a few of of our favorite heartfelt posts from the past.  We hope they warm your heart and kindle a little wonder and awe in your spirit, as you take a moment to settle-in and remember what Christmas is really all about. So take a pause today, pour a cup of tea or coffee, and settle into a place of comfort...then let the God of all comfort bring a little peace into your heart today.

 *A Christmas Re-Post from 2011*
This artwork came out of our hearts several years ago and we thought it was fitting to share it again as we prepare to celebrate Christmas.
Names say a lot about a person.  Parents often spend months selecting a name that will convey the essence of all their hopes and dreams for that child.  They know names are important.  It’s the manner in which a child will be addressed and referred to for life and often serves as a remembrance long after they are gone.
Sometimes a person can have a descriptive name that kind of sums up what their life is all about.  Thoughtful Thomas, Caring Cathy, Insightful Ian, Wise William … you can easily add to the list.
But a descriptive name like the King of kings is an entirely different category.  You’ll notice the dictionary even points out that when using this phrase in reference to Christ, that the first King is to be capitalized.  It denotes an authority that is higher than any king in history.  The KING of kings.
We wanted to weave the historical record of this King’s birth in the background of our artwork, wash it in a symbolic red glaze and crown it with a reference to His royal lineage. We love the way Marybeth took all these ideas and distilled them into this creative birth announcement/name declaration that creates a powerful remembrance.
We have a few more descriptive names we captured in artwork and we will share them over the next few days.  Come back and be inspired this week, as you see just how powerful a name can be.
        The Velvet Lime Girls