Tuesday, December 1, 2015

All is CALM

It's December 1st.  Yes, it's already here.  And if your mind starts rolling-out lists of things to do the moment you hear "December 1st", we have a little gift for you today.  It's an invitation to just pause, slow down, inhale and breathe a little slower...and remember what the upcoming celebration of Christmas is really all about.

It's the birthday of Jesus Christ, the son of God, our Savior.

The snow-capped, whimsical-house artwork, pictured above, was hidden behind stacks of sketches and doodles in our studio today, and we pulled it out, just so we could read the first few words: 
Don't you just feel better saying that?  We do.

It's a lovely reminder to let one of the last things Jesus said on this earth really permeate our entire being and settle everything down just a bit:    
"My peace I leave with you..."  John 14:27 
So, slip on a little of His peace today, His calm, His Presence, and watch, just watch, as everything turns bright.

All is calm, all is bright,
The Velvet Lime Girls