Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Healing Words

We've just finished our morning walk outside the studio on this lovely morning here in Georgia and we wanted to send out the third art sentiment in our faith-seeds series.  These are heartfelt expressions and watercolor plays that we scatter around here to build our faith or encourage one another.  They're simple, but powerful, because we layer a love note, a love expression, from God on top of everything.  And that changes everything.  As a well-known speaker once said, "One word from God can change everything."* We believe the words we place on these simple art expressions can change things in your life, and the lives of others. So, print it out, tape in on things, and pass it along to someone who may need a love note from God to them.

This third faith-seed is for those who need healing in any area of their lives.  Those who need a visit from the Great Physician himself.  He reveals Himself through His Word, and these words are so powerful.  We hope you let them soak into your spirit all day long.
Nothing is impossible with God,
The Velvet Lime Girls

P.S. Quote by Gloria Copeland