Sunday, June 21, 2015

Faith Seed #1

Here's a little gift for you on this Monday morning.  It's the first of 7 art sentiments for you to print out for yourself or share with someone who may need a little extra faith right now. We're calling these faith seeds... simple art expressions that come straight from the heart of God.  They can also be found in their original form in that treasury known as The Holy Bible.
We're scattering these seeds out there for anyone who has a battle they may be facing in their health, or in a relationship, or in their emotions, or in their finances, or in their family... or in anything.  Join us over the next 7 days as we share a simple piece of artwork for you to plant deep in your spirit. 
These will build your faith.  
We were inspired to do this by the Battle of Jericho, one of the most intimidating battles every fought and recorded in the Book of Joshua.  The Israelites faced a formidable city named Jericho. This walled fortress could have been intimidating, if they had tried to conquer it in their own strength, but with bold, brave faith in God, the Israelites listened and obeyed His instructions, and with a loud shout on the 7th day ... they watched the walls come tumbling down.  
The story is a blueprint for us today when we face formidable challenges. It reminds us that with God, nothing is impossible.  
In fact, with God, all things are possible.
So let these faith seeds empower you with strength.  Print them out, tape them on your walls, hang them in your car, stick them on your mirrors, share them with your friends, or pass them on to someone who needs a lift in their spirit today.  These are powerful words, because they are not our words, but God's words, straight from The Bible.  And when these words are mixed with faith, you're  going to want to shout ... as you watch the walls you face come tumbling down.

Believing with you, that all things are possible with God,
The Velvet Lime Girls

P. S.  As a reminder, we do not sell products with our artwork.  We just license our artwork to manufacturers.   If you are a retailer and would like to have the Be Brave Keep Going artwork in your store, it is available in various canvas sizes through MET Colors
Their website is being updated but the highlighted link will connect you with them.