Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pat the Bunny

Bunnies … we’re thinking about them all the time as we’ve worked on a recent design submission. Our finished product looks nothing like the source of our inspiration, pictured above, but the design roots are found in the slightly stained and matted fur of an old Pat the Bunny, owned by Madison, Marybeth’s 13 year old daughter.

This bunny is named “Big Bunny” and he was originally white when he first came into Madison’s life at age two. Other than having a slight fragrance issue (he’s been spared the indignity of a bath in a washing machine... they just wreak havoc on long ears), he’s a true Velveteen Rabbit story, for sure. “Big Bunny” was posing for Marybeth in the photo above, so she could get a general feel for sketching a large bunny design. Maggie, the reluctant bystander dog, was not impressed at all and refused to cooperate with any photo styling tips. Absolutely refused. We think she was wondering why SHE wasn’t picked as a drawing model.

Our final design was worth all the effort and numerous “propping -ups” that Big Bunny had to endure. Modeling can be so exhausting when you’re a gracefully aging bunny. We’re glad to say that Big Bunny had a good night’s sleep after our photo shoot … safe in the arms of Madison, who still sleeps with him every night.

So, to all Pat the Bunny fans, no matter what shade your bunny may be...give them a hug today.

The Velvet Lime Girls

Madison & Big Bunny: