Monday, March 26, 2012

Blossom Inspiration

This is the view outside of the Velvet Lime Girls studio. Today is Tuesday and we're in the midst of our weekly design, create, dream session and we just couldn't resist sharing a little piece of our world. We always say that "inspiration is everywhere" and these cherry blossoms sashaying in the breeze are fanning that thought over and over. Oh, we wish you could be here.
Standing underneath a cherry tree in full bloom and looking up into it's snowy canopy, laden with white petals that turn a slightly softer shade of pink with each passing second, is pure springtime bliss. Humming from the heart just spontaneously happens here.
So "stand" under the canopy with us today through our photos and let your creative side breathe in some inspiration. If a slight urge to hum overtakes you ... just go with it.

Humming in our hearts,
The Velvet Lime Girls