Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just when you're on a roll...

Photo0227, originally uploaded by Velvet Lime Designs.

...it all comes to a grinding halt. Had almost finished this mixed media piece when I decided to go to the doctor. I wrecked on my bike a month ago and my hands were really sore then. Thought I had just sprained them. So I go about my busy mom life, but wondering why my hands are still hurting a month later...why I can't pick up a watermelon in the grocery store, why I can't twist the new cap off the Gatorade bottle...so yesterday I went to the doctor. Turns out I have been walking around with a broken bone in my left wrist and a broken bone at the base of my right thumb...and I now have a splint on both hands and will probably end up with a cast on each. I am left-handed. One of my biggest fears has been doing something bad to my hands...the way I make a living. Apparently that bone in the wrist is "critical" and it needs to heal correctly. So, instead of doing some exploring at the drawing desk where I can get my hands really messy, I am back to digital collage for a few weeks. At least I can still do something!! This sort of thing certainly makes you appreciate those who can't use their hands.

On another note, almost done with that "sneak peek" I showed on the last blog entry. Some of that was by hand and then digitally collaged...I can keep working on that at least!!!