Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just Breathe...

Alexa playing, originally uploaded by Velvet Lime Designs.

Just Breathe…

Three steps behind. That is how I have felt since becoming a new mom. There is always something to get done and tasks that I fail to complete. I have been so focused on what I wasn’t accomplishing that I missed the small things that renew me.

We get so caught up in changing diapers, running errands and trying to make everything perfect that we fail to notice the wonderful blessings that we all have. I am learning to stop in my hectic day and just watch my daughter play. There is such a joy and peace that washes over me.

We all lead extremely busy lives…that is the nature of being a mom, wife, sister and friend. I know God uses the little things… our babies, an afternoon rain or just one minute of absolute silence to refresh and remind us just to breathe.

I may not get to the laundry, but I know I have accomplished so much just seeing my daughter’s feet kick with excitement!

"I'll refresh tired bodies; I'll restore tired souls." Jeremiah 31:25