Friday, September 1, 2017

Change of Season

Well, we're still enjoying the beautiful wrap-up of summer here in Georgia, with light breezes, warm temperatures and sunny skies.  Thoughts of fall are not even on our horizon, but today that changed with the arrival of our Hello Fall doormat sample!  Oh, we were just thrilled to receive this beautiful sample from the great team we've worked with at Evergreen Enterprises! Thank-you Evergreen!
Apparently these doormats with our artwork are available at many locations that carry Evergreen doormats and we even found an online Groupon offer for the decorative doormat!  Here's a couple sightings we've had of the Hello Fall doormat.  Let us know if you see one in your area!

Amazon - Happy Fall Doormat

Groupon - Happy Fall Doormat

Happy Labor Day week-end to everyone,
The Velvet Lime Girls