Sunday, January 8, 2017

Snow & Ice

Okay, we were expecting to be making lots of big, puffy snowmen this weekend here in Georgia, but instead we woke up to sprinkles of snow and lots of ICE.  It made us think about BAD ICE, one of our snowmen who didn't make the art licensing tour with any of the manufacturers we work with...yet. He has a few bad habits that he needs to get rid of before he can become a respectable snowman and join the ranks of other licensed snowmen who hang out on cards, wrapping paper, gift bags, napkins and wall art.  We're working on his tattoos, his clothing choices and some of the friends he's been hanging out with.  You know, bad company just has a tendency to rub off on you and BAD ICE'S yellow spot is a perfect example of what bad friends can do to you. 

So, out we go into the snow today!  Right after we put-out BAD ICE'S cigarette.

Looking out for yellow snow,
The Velvet Lime Girls

P.S. Our Let It Snow snowman can be found at Fine Art America as a canvas, metal or wood print, at Walmart as a poster, and at Legacy Publishing Group,  where he enjoys the company of some of our other cards we created for them.  We hear our snowman has just packed-up all of his Christmas decorations and is ready for Christmas 2017 in this boxed set at Christian Book.  Enjoy the snow!