Monday, November 16, 2015

Velvet Lime Girls' Calendars @ Hobby Lobby!

We almost had a fainting spell when we walked into our local Hobby Lobby last week and saw Legacy calendars with our artwork!  Oh, we were so excited! That's what happens when you are blessed to create artwork for amazing companies like  Legacy Publishing Company.  You just never know where your artwork may go!  
So today, we're sending out a heartfelt thank-you to Legacy Publishing Company.  You all are amazing! Thank-you. This little calendar is popping up everywhere thanks to you.  We're told it's now found in many local Christian bookstores nationwide and at these links:

Here's a peek inside the calendar.  Legacy is an expert at calendars and they have featured a different piece of our artwork on each month, along with inspiring scriptures and ample space to write-in details for each day.  We've just hung our calendar up in the studio and are ready for 2016! If you're starting to get ready for 2016, we hope you pick up a calendar at your local Hobby Lobby or one of the online sites above!

Thank-you Legacy for making us look so good!

Grateful hearts,
The Velvet Lime Girls