Friday, July 4, 2014

Dragonfly Inn

It was the blue shells. 
The simple wooden bowl of blue shells, glistening in shades of sand-washed, sea-glass colors, that began to slowly pull me out to a sea of summer calm.  I had just stepped into the spa-like, never-never land, of the Dragonfly Inn, nestled in Corolla, North Carolina, and already, that deep soul-exhale one has when they’ve found a place to really relax, was beginning to softly ripple in.

Who would take the time to search for a thousand shells in shades of blue, to simply match the colors of ocean, sky and sand that grace this beachfront inn? Only two gentle souls, schooled in the fine art of hospitality, and gifted with an eye for design, luxury, and comfort ... the Dragonfly Inn innkeepers, Dan and Lori Evans. These two creatives have fashioned a sand-castle getaway on a secluded strip of beach in the very remote Outer Banks of North Carolina. 

Pause a moment and take a beach stroll with me, through photos, as I sift through memories of a recent stay here, with my husband, where we slumbered on silky bamboo sheets, counted stars on the edge of the ocean, awakened to gourmet breakfasts, and lived like pampered beach royals for 3 days.

Roses, roses, roses...everywhere! 
Greeting us upon our arrival, gracing our bedside and breakfast table, and filling the entire beachfront inn with floral notes mixed with salty air.

Sunlight dancing off sparkling details, draped on a hand-forged iron chandelier, and suspended above the expansive breakfast table. A tiny detail...just for delight.
Breakfast splendor every morning! 

Five shining orbs, instead of a single light fixture, illuminating a circular staircase, nestled in the center of the inn.

Colors of calm everywhere.

Beach views wrapping themselves around us everyday.

And a lovely wooden bowl filled with a thousand blue shells
that seem to whisper this old adage,
"Offer hospitality to one another."  1 Peter 4:9 

Finding bliss at the beach,
A Velvet Lime Girl

post scriptum
Pictured above is a casual gift of randomly collected beach glass given to us from Ellie, the innkeepers beautiful daughter. Hospitality just runs in this family and it's on full display in the next generation.

For those of you still planning a vacation, please visit the site of this recent inspiration that slipped into our studio today @
The Dragonfly Inn