Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hands that Nurture

A recent visit to a real chicken coop for a few cage-free, fresh, organic eggs left us with a basketful of something more than the dozen yellow-yoked gems we cradled home.  
It left a gentle deposit in our hearts, the essence of something that is more often felt than seen. 
It left our hearts filled with 

Nurture is defined as something or someone that provides support or nourishment.  It carries the idea of caring, tending, protecting, nourishing and watching over.  We saw nurturing on display all around this little chicken coop.

In hands that tenderly calmed a hen, as talk was made of the extra care given to each feathered friend
 ... good diet, safe habitat and a peaceful dwelling.
In the ever-watchful eyes of a protective hen, always ready to cover and protect.

In feathered and fluffed nests, prepared and kept with love.

In the "green pastures" 

and  flowers blooming, thriving, and flourishing in the NURTURE.

          And in the grace-filled hands, embracing five perfect eggs.

Absolutely everything in the garden surrounding this chicken coop seemed to be thriving.
 Even the tree canopies overhead!

Nurturing does that.  
It benefits not only the ones cared for, but all the lives around it.

Nurturing is such a beautiful act of love and our hearts couldn't resist feeling the parallel of God's nurturing heart toward us.  It's been said that He watches over us like this hen, 
covering us with his "feathers", 
pulling us under His wing. 
He cares for, 
tends to, 
and watches over us.

What a lovely message from this little chicken coop. 
A reminder to let ourselves be nurtured and loved by our Creator, and as we do, we're able to nurture and love those around us.

We hope you'll let yourself feel the NURTURE, the care, the love, the embrace of the One who loves you the most, and as you do, just watch your world change... transformed by the ripple effect of receiving NURTURE.

"He will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will find refuge..."
Psalm 91:4

Living under His feathers,
The Velvet Lime Girls 

P.S. A special thank-you to Suellen Lithgoe, the gracious lady who nurtures this chicken coop in Louisiana and reflects a life of one who is well-loved by God.