Saturday, April 6, 2013


We've been gathering daffodils from our studio garden lately.  They're plunging into vases,  taking big gulps of water and saying thank-you with fragrance kisses.  

We've found ourselves humming lyrics from this favorite song whenever the daffodils glance our way or blow a fragrance kiss across the studio:

"Your latter will be greater than your past,
You will be blessed, more than you could ask.
Despite all that has been done, the best is yet to come.
And your latter will be greater than your past."

Our daffodils just seem to reflect the essence of this song. They arrive each spring dressed in absolute beauty and become more magnificent each day.  We used to long for them to never leave, until we realized how beautiful they become with age.  Their soft, pale yellow petals that begin life with a tissue-paper fragility become vivid, golden yellow petals, crisp with fortitude and strength.  Their latter state is actually greater than their past. 
 Which is why we often find ourselves humming the song above when they arrive in spring. We know that as beautiful as they are, "the best is yet to come" for these golden creations. Their "latter will be greater than their past",  as they adorn our weathered containers, stretched out in permanent poses that last for years.  Unlike their former days when they needed water and daily care, they now display an effortless, eternal beauty.  Life is so simple and rich in their latter state.

Daffodils are golden examples of what our lives can become as we trust God and believe his promises of greater things. 

Simple, rich lives, expecting that "the best is yet to come".

Humming with daffodils,
The Velvet Lime Girls

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