Friday, February 1, 2013

Celebrating an Artist

Last week we celebrated Marybeth, our art director, on the wonderful occasion of her birthday.

Whenever we celebrate a birthday for someone special we often use this expression. "We're so glad you were born!" And this was a sentiment expressed to Marybeth last week from our hearts.

If you happen to have a creative person to celebrate here are a few of our gift ideas:
1. Find arty, inspiring journals that just beg you to start sketching, doodling and writing.                     We loved these journals with embossed phrases on leather. Notice the pops of color in the text. We were thrilled to find these at TJ Maxx!

2. Fragrance their life with luxurious scented candles. Marybeth is a packaging connoisseur, so this ginger mango candle by Aquiesse was a visual treat filled with a little aromatherapy.

Who knew a candle could come wrapped so elegantly? Half the fun is just unwrapping the package! These lovely candles can be found at Armour and Co.
Just visiting their site is like stepping onto a luxurious beach in the middle of the day. Stepping into their store is absolute paradise.
(In a pinch, you may find these candles
at selected TJMaxx stores, but then you'd miss the 
experience of Armour and Co!  And the memory of the
visit, the essence of the candle and the uplifting feeling
you come away with, will just light up your spirit each time that 
lovely candle is lit.)

3. Finally, wrap up all celebrations with artistic edibles!
We gathered up these little treats from Alon's Bakery, a savory, culinary art museum itself!  You just have to go! @

With all the celebrating and singing that goes along with birthdays, we couldn't help to remind
ourselves that we're being celebrated everydayIn fact, there's a little bit of singing that occurs over each of us on a regular basis.
"God takes great delight in you...he rejoices over you with singing" Zephaniah 3:17

So, even if it's not your birthday today, just tell yourself, "Hey, I'm being celebrated! Someone is singing over me!" 

Cake and candles are optional for you today, but the singing ... it goes on forever.

The Velvet Lime Girls