Friday, July 6, 2012


The first big, fat, juicy tomato in our studio garden was ready today.  It’s plump little body just beckoned us over and we could almost hear it saying “pick me, pick me!” It’s been living on a tomato bush for several weeks, loaded with little green polka dots of tomatoes. We’ve waited, and waited, and waited until they all grew up. They’re full grown now, firm fleshed, luscious, red garden tomatoes all begging to be picked.

They can’t wait to get inside to one of the most revered places in the South.  A BLT.  That’s a BLT sandwich. Or, a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich for those of you who like things really spelled out for you.  It’s the best place for the first tomato of the season. There’s just nothing quite like it.  A BLT is simply fine cuisine without the fuss.  Especially if the star ingredient, the tomato, has just been picked from the garden.

Here’s a photo of our first BLT of the summer and our recipe. We’re not responsible for any mouth watering that may occur. By the way, don’t let your dog see it, because we think it causes drooling.  Actually, we hear that happens with humans who just start thinking about a BLT.

Velvet Lime Girls BLT
1 ripe tomato
1 lettuce leaf
Few slices of crispy fried bacon
Bread.  We know everyone says soft, sliced white bread is the best.  It is.  But, we like soft whole wheat or toasted English muffins too.
Slice the tomato and layer on top of your bread selection that has been slathered in good mayonnaise. Slathering may be a new term for you if you’re not from the South, but trust us, you need to master this move and get over the  sound of this culinary technique.  It’s kind of just like gobbing it on.  Oops, another Southern term.  Okay, for all you arty people, it’s like putting gesso on a canvas.  Just plop it on and rub it around until everything’s creamy white.
Now, layer the lettuce and bacon on top of the tomato slices, sandwich between two slices of bread and salt & pepper.  Take a bite and enjoy the true taste of summer.

Slicing tomatoes with smiles,

The Velvet Lime Girls