Monday, January 2, 2012


There are souls in this world which have the gift of finding joy everywhere and leaving it behind them when they go. Frederick William Faber


These little joy bundles are Laura’s granddaughters, Sophia, Lilly and Alexa. They’re often the source of inspiration around here, along with Marybeth’s daughters, Madison and Katie. The effervescent joy they all seem to have bubbling inside is not only contagious,it lingers, long after they’ve buzzed off to brighten a new landscape.

We love it when they are around the studio and their little positive ions recharge the entire spectrum of our lives.

We’re transformed into joy bundles ourselves.

Sunbeams lifting the fog of any day.

All because of a few sparks of joy.

We hope you’ll look for the little joys in life today. Yours may not be the simple pleasure of a swing on a new swingset, or a smile at the first snowfall, but joys are out there, just waiting to turn your plain ordinary, tap water day into a sparkling, effervescent day of seltzer smiles.

The Velvet Lime Girls