Friday, October 7, 2011

Living Water

This waterfall in a private garden on Roanoke Island was bubbling, rippling and pouring life-giving, thirst-quenching water all over the place on a hot, dry summer afternoon. The sound of the splashing water filled the air with an expectation of abundant provision … this waterfall was connected to an eternal spring … it would never run dry. The waterfall just had to stay connected and open and this refreshing supply would always flow.
We could relate.
Bubbling over … that’s how we’ve felt lately.
We’re little conduits, waterfalls in a sense. Overflowing with ideas, images and creations.
Cascading waves of creativity surge inside us…spilling out onto the canvases in our studio and our lives.
We’re amazed. We do little to produce this flow. We just stay connected to our Source.
It’s so thrilling that we just want to shout an invite to anyone in a dry patch … “Come on over and be refreshed … connect with the Source of real life and never be thirsty again!”
So refresh yourself today in our waterfall photo. Wash away any dry spells and splash around with the Source of life giving water.
Laura & the Velvet Lime Girls
“All who are thirsty should come to me! Streams of life-giving water will pour out from anyone who believes in me.” John 7:37-38