Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sallie’s Seeds

A packet of zinnia seeds has slept quietly in my kitchen drawer for almost two years. Given to me by my friend, Sallie, they weren’t entirely forgotten, just neglected by daily schedules… the intent to plant them was always there, I just never seemed to find the time. Early this summer I was thrilled to have a morning free and eagerly clasped the packet of seeds and planted them in the rich soil of my flower garden. Ahhh, … I could just feel their relief to be in their new home … a place where they could flourish and become everything that was hidden inside of them. How amazing that these dry, brittle, unimpressive seeds that I thought might not even be alive could produce the creations that now cover my flowerbed. Brilliant, vibrant, expressive colors with little yellow faces have exploded from these unassuming little seeds. Who would have thought such beauty could be contained inside? It made me think of how God views us …. His little seeds on this earth. Many of us have yet to flourish and become everything that has been hidden inside of us. We need to plant ourselves in rich soil and that takes a little time. This week, find time to nourish yourself with a little time with your Creator. Sink yourself in the rich soil of prayer and reading His Word …. And get ready for the quiet explosion that will come. You are a seed just waiting to bloom.