Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bloom Where You Stand.

Flowers have a way of conveying great truths. This one silently shouts outside of our design studio. In an abandoned area not owned by us and no longer maintained due to economic cutbacks, this little pansy defied all odds. It bloomed. Despite hard times, economic cut-backs, neglect and total abandonment ...it bloomed. The first day my eyes landed on it’s perky little smiling face in the hard, rocky ground, I burst out laughing in celebration of it’s perseverance. The phrase from Ephesians 6 seemed to emanate from this little flower ... “having done all, STAND” and with it a promise from Isaiah 43, “ I will make a way in the wilderness ... I am doing a new thing ... Now it springs up”

So, stand today, in whatever your circumstances, knowing that God will supply the strength and make a way... and expect a “new thing” to spring up.