Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The girls of summer

GirlsOfSummer, originally uploaded by Velvet Lime Designs.

My two daughters and a friend, Olivia, yesterday in the backyard...on a beautiful, sunny day. They love running barefoot (who doesn't??) in the backyard on the zoysia grass that my husband so loves to take care of (seriously!). I made them gather around so I could take a quick photo. They make me laugh. They are like those comedians on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?“ They can play with or make a game out of anything. No jump rope? No problem...we'll use the garden hose. Doing a TV interview? Let's move around the deck furniture to create the studio and we'll have Oprah show up to do the interview. Seriously creative kids here and they can do this for hours (thankfully). I wish it were as easy for adults to get that lost in creativity and no worries for a while. Some good lessons to be learned by watching them...